Daniel Thiesse

I am looking for a full-time position at an aircraft/spacecraft manufacturer doing conceptual/detailed aircraft design, aerodynamics, or mechanical design.

Skills:MATLAB, SolidWorks, Aircraft Design, Aerodynamics
Derek Johnson

Full-Time Technical Artist position at a AAA Game Studio.

Skills:3D Modeling, Rigging, Game Art, Animation
Jon Van Blarcum

Looking for opportunities in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technologies.

Skills:Heat Transfer, Solidworks, Java and C Programming, Matlab, Labview, Leadership
Lucas Fernandes

Looking for an internship where I could thrive my leadership and management skills while doing something I could be passionate about.

Skills:Adapting, Consistent and Hard working. Also I am trilengual.
Matt Freed

Internship in Mechanical or Robotics Engineering.

Skills:Solid Works, 3D printing, Prototyping
Paul Shingleton

Summer Internship in Computer Science.

Skills:Team Projects, Time Management.
Ryan McQuaid

I am looking for a position in the electric power industry. I have held positions from small scale start ups to large scale consulting firms. With past experience from Nuclear facilities I am looking to branch more into that field.

Skills:Simulators: ETAP, Powerworld, Multisim, PSpice Circuit, Wireshark, Ableton Live, Programming Languages: Matlab, Arduino (C/C++), PSpice
Sam Jacobs

Graduating in May, seeking a full time position in the medical device industry. I have experience in R&D, operations, regulatory, and some manufacturing.

Skills:CAD, verification and validation, medical device regulations, team leadership, manufacturing protocols, quality system regulations, design reviews, and more
Samuel Coache

Summer Internship in Computer Science.

Skills:Java, Object-Oriented Design, Microsoft Office
Stephen Michelini

Highly Motivated Electrical and Computer Engineer with a strong background in Computer Science. Seeking an Internship in Computer Science or Electical and Computer Engineering.

Skills:C++, C, JavaScript, Java, Python, Golang, CSS3, HTML5. Frameworks: Node.js, ExpressJS, Boost, ReactJS, AngularJS, MongoDB(Aggregation and MapReduce), Mongoose
Zachary Ligham

Sophomore Aerospace Engineering major with a strong background in fluids, guidance, and controls; seeking a summer internship in the Aerospace industry focusing on design and/or test engineering.

Skills:MATLAB, Solidworks, LabVIEW, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Laser Cutting, Pneumatic Tools, Welding, Grinding
Zachary Lipsky

Looking to do R&D in surface coating (preferably antimicrobials) for Medical Devices.

Skills:Antimicrobial Peptides, PCR, qPCR, electrophoresis, RNA extraction, SoldWorks, Python, Visual C++, Drug Delivery